Nagoya Train Station

Fortunately, I had copies of the train schedule obtained from the valuable website – The staffs at the train stations were very helpful. This made the transfer from one connection to another effortless. At the massive Nagoya Station, we transferred to another train to our destination, Takayama. Trains provided an alternative to both domestic and long distant travel anywhere within Japan. They were clean, efficient and safe. I love train journeys. A passive way to travel and the let the world pass by slowly. There is time to actually look at the urban and rural environments – tradition homes to skyscrapers and apartments, industries and farming communities.

untitled-231 DSC_0001 DSC_0877

We returned to Nagoya Station from Takayama to connect our onward journey to Nakatsugawa in Gifu Prefecture. One of the highlights of train journeys is the myriad of affordable food available at the stations- either in department stores or just on the platforms. On this journey, Lee Cheng probably got more than she wanted. Lets’ put it to temptations. The choices and variety of delicacies are numerous. Japanese food had some distinct features – their dishes are a delicate and wonderful mix of sweet like “teriyaki” sauce, sour from pickled vegetables and salty. The ingredients are always fresh and seasonal. Fish is common. The dishes are always meticulously arranged. They are typically seasoned with a combination of dashi or broth (mainly fish soup), soy sauce, sake and “mirin”, sugar, vinegar and salt. The palate goes riot and quite blissful. It certainly is a delightful and comfortable way to travel.


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