Near Daitokuji Complex, this cosy place offered, Navindd’s favourite, fantastic dishes of “sashimi” and “sushi”. There was no other customer. Three chefs were behind the counter with broad smiles. We scrutinised the menu under the watchful but friendly eye of the head chef. Containers of fresh seafood were laid on the table. The chef skilfully sliced, diced and prepared the meal. He did this meticulously and with respect for the ingredients. This transcended to the dishes served – a perfect lunch – “sashimi” – “maguro”, “toro”, “unagi”, vinigered rice, sushi, California rolls, miso, “ramen” and green tea. Today, we were privileged to have our ‘personal’ master chef. The food was wonderful.

untitled-69 untitled-68 untitled-67 untitled-66


I shared my blurred iconic images of geishas that I had taken in Arashiyama with the chef. He confirmed that we had indeed been in the presence of both a “geiko” and a “maiko”, an apprentice geisha. My appreciation for these prized images jumped ten-fold.

“ …….we later found out that the chef was going to Rio to cook for the Japanese team in the Olympics!” – Navindd


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