I headed back toward the Parque Marti. At Casa del Tobacco, I asked which is the best cigar? He response was enlightening – the one you like is the best cigar. Some like it strong, mild or light. Cohiba is priced at US$25 each! He invited me to try some but I declined as I don’t smoke. I was probably put off by my late grandfathers affordable local cigars back in Malaysia. Not quite the same experience I presume. I bought some mild Partagas cigars for 4.5CUC each as souvenirs. All came with individual metal screw top containers. That fitted safely in by backpack. Cuban cigars are offered all over the country by local street peddlers. You may get the good stuff but purchase at your own risk as most a known to be off grades.

Cienfuegas (7)

For lunch, I headed towards the port and a great seafood lunch. Not a good idea I thought with my tummy bug. I gave it a go anyway. The port however was quite empty with a few fishing boats at the wharf. Thought I might get some medication for my disturbing tummy. I headed to La Union Hotel which does have a smallish dispensary. However, she suggested that I headed to the international clinic for a thorough check-up.

Cienfuegas (8)

In the evening I took a slow stroll along Cienfuegos’s Malecon. Three kids were engrossed and serious about their fishing. In a bucket, they had caught a few small fishes. I asked if these were too mall. It would be good for “fritos’, fried, one replied with glee. I met a local family heading out for celebratory (graduation) dinner. The girl was dressed like an Indian. I commented on her dress to which she replied that she is married to a Pakistani and that she is a Muslim. There is a small population here in Cuba. The sun was just setting on the bay.  A few fishing boats departed the harbour.

Cienfuegas (11)

My body was tired and uneasy with my tummy. My experience in Cienfuegos was sort of ‘limited’. Dinner was on the Prado, a lovely place called Memperas. It was one of best meals so far in Cuba. I even decided on desert, Flan, a light cake with lots of sugary syrup. Despite my current physical condition, I could not resist. Returned to my casa early and my body situation was not good at all. No sleep either. Bugger!

havana (85)

The following day, feeling dehydrated and lethargic decided to get some help at an international clinic. The heat in Cienfuegos is intense compared to Havana and Trinidad. It compounded the problem. My journey in Cienfuegos was impacted by my well-being. Besides the heat, this city would certainly make a great visit. Headed back to the casa and crashed onto the bed until my departure to Trinidad at 2.45pm. Another bici taxi ride to the bus station.



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