Routeburn Track photos

I had recently (early November) hiked the 32km Routeburn Track in New Zealand’s South Island. This track located in the Fiorldands, a unique heritage site. Please read details of my track in the next posts.


6 thoughts on “Routeburn Track photos”

    1. Huts are basic with water and stoves provided. Need to bring all food and cooking utensils. As usual, can be noisy as 20 – 30 beds in one large room. Bunk beds eith mattresses provided. Essential to bring sleeping bags. I would say comfortabe enough. Book early as it is popular in summer. Be prepared for wet weather. Highly recommended. Relatively easy walk (weather permitting)

      1. Thanks Im so keen to do it, my partner he is not keen on the whole dorm style sleeping thing, but I may go alone. Thanks for sending me all this info I really appreciate it. 😁

      2. You’re welcomed. I will be doing the Milford Track, Fiordland in March. Will post later. Enjoy

      3. Perhaps you might consider luxury hike with Ultimate Hikes. Seperate lodging from independent hiker like me.

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