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Hakone, Miyanoshita

Miyanoshita is one of the seven hot spring towns in Hakone. The whole region has been popular with hot spring since the Edo Period. Its qualities and mountainous setting topped with views of Fuji and proximity to Tokyo had made this place as a popular destination.

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The Hakone Tozan Railway, “Hakone Tozan Tetsudō”, is a private railway company which operated from Gōra to Hakone Yumoto. From Miyanoshita Station, “Miyanoshita-eki”, it is a steep walk down to the town centre. At nearby Naraya Cafe, patrons had lunch with the feet soaking in a hot spring footbath. Seemed like a novel way to have lunch. We walked past the famous upmarket Fujiya Hotel on the way to lunch at Miyafuji next to a small fish market – a lovely place to eat and rest. Best sushi in town with reasonable prices. Eating in places like this is a complete experience – delicious food, quiet, ambient setting and unhurried. It was very therapeutic.

From here we walked back up the slope with a heavy belly to the train station and headed to Hakone-Yumoto train station.