Tokyo – Akihabara, Nihonbashi



Akihabara in Central Tokyo is the centre for electronic good. A large number of buildings are dedicated to electronics including computers, gaming devices, electronic components and cameras. Besides this, the ever popular manga and anime culture is also glaringly displayed all over in high definition on the big screens. Manga and anime are comics’ depicting from futuristic science fiction to romantic stories. Specialist stores had opened up to cater to this growing culture. Young people even dress up imitating their favourite characters. It is a wonderful sight, adding more colour to the street scene. This culture seems to be unique to Japan.

“…the techno capital of Tokyo…..latest and greatest technology………without buying anything!” – Navindd



The district next to our hotel is Nihonbashi. I walked here after dinner one night. There were mainly bars and restaurants with neon light lit brightly all along this main road. A few well- dressed burly men stood outside of these premises. It was safe and the mood was relaxed. The location of our accommodation in Tokyo is well situated – near the Tokyo Station, surrounded by restaurants and a vibrant atmosphere.


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