Tokyo – Ameyokocho

We left the crowded streets of Asakusa with lunch sitting heavily in our tummy and headed to Ueno by train via the popular Yamanote Line. This line basically encircles Tokyo city. The other popular line we regularly used is the Chuo Line. The Japan Rail pass basically allowed us to us to use all the major lines including the “shinkansen”, bullet trains, both, within the city and long distance. It is extremely convenient. Ueno Park is next to JR Ueno Station. It is a green lung in the city. An adjacent Zoo is also located here. Being Sunday, large number of Tokyoite had gathered here with their families. Besides its’ museums and a few temple, Ueno Park is very popular during cherry blossom season as the park is planted with over thousand cherry trees. A group of young boys were practicing a game of baseball – a favorite pastime in Japan. It is a great place to get some shelter from the sun too.

“..a distinct sound of slot machines got louder……this was Pachinko – a Japanese addiction” – Navindd


Opposite the park is the busy and bustling Ameyoko-cho located along the rail tracks between Ueno and Okachimachi Stations. Rows of shops sold clothing, bags, footwear, snack food and spices which included imported goods. More shops occupied the space below the Yamanote Line. Neon lights flashed the latest goods and a huge digital screen played the latest music videos. It is a vibrant marketplace and an opportunity to shop local items. As always we tucked into some local delicacies during our walkabout. From Okachimaci Station, we traveled by rail to Akihabara.



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