Kawaguchiko – 1



From Kawaguchiko Train Station, we were picked up by our hostel’s staff, Masuo. There were no views of Fuji here. Tired but elated to have completed our trek to Fujisan’s summit lingered in our minds. But I was glad it is over. Our room is a typical Japanese setting – “tatami” floor with “futon” beds. Our immediate task was to dry out all our wet clothing from the hailstorm on the summit. The sun shined brightly. The atmosphere at the hostel, located near Kawaguchiko Lake, was relaxed with plenty of spaces to unwind. It was clean, neat and tidy with kitchen and washing facilities.


To unwind, I headed to a nearby “onsen”, my first traditional hot bath. This place is an upmarket “Ryokan”. There are strict etiquettes to follow – one being naked in the bath. I was very comfortable. It was soothing to relax the tired limbs and muscles in the hot mineral bath. Navindd and Lee Cheng opted to have a nap. In the evening, we tasted a local delicacy – “Hoto”, a noodle dish in a very popular eatery. We topped it up with seafood “tempura” and pickled vegetables. Fortunately we did not have to sit cross legged. Conveniently, under the table is a dugout where the legs can dangle. The meals were wonderful with an ambient setting. It was a nice way to end a tough but memorable and epic day. Back at the hostel we made our beds. Sleep came easily.


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