Kawaguchiko – Cycling round Kawaguchiko Lake

untitled-114Next morning, I looked out of my room window across the lovely “onsen” I had visited yesterday. The sky was grey and drizzled intermittently. Kawaguchiko is an excellent place to view Mt Fuji but not today. I wandered off to the lake’s edge. A couple of fisherman had cast their line and waited patiently. Fine early morning mist descended onto the lush green mountains and the Kachi-Kachi – Yama Ropeway was barely visible. I walked across the Kawaguchiko Ohashi Bridge over a misty lake. A few fishermen on tiny boats headed towards their favourite spots. There was hardly any road traffic this morning. Only the sounds of bird calls and the hum of the motorised fishing boats broke the silence. I felt a million miles away from the hustle and bustle and neon lights of Tokyo. However, it is only a two hour train journey to get here. This place exudes tranquillity and is reminiscent of a lake resort.

We hired some bicycles at the hostel to explore the lake’s surroundings. Lake Kawaguchiko lies within the Fuji Five Lake, “Fujigoko” region. The other lakes are Saiko, Shojiko, Motosuko and Yamanakako. One common feature of all these lakes is it offers best viewing opportunities of Mt Fuji and its reflection on the lakes. There were few vehicles on the road this morning.


We crossed the bridge which I had visited earlier this morning, and just followed the road left onto the northern shores. Where possible, we stayed close to the shore. We cycled along a narrow paved pathway under drooping willows and maple trees. This narrow lane is a favourite during the cherry blossom and autumn leaves colour when in season. We were excited to see just a tiny bit of autumn leaves colour. This site is one of the many views of Fuji- san reflected on the water.

untitled-115 untitled-111 untitled-117 untitled-116

Today, only the wide base of Fuji was visible. It started to drizzle yet again. We rode in the rain. Unfortunately, Lee Cheng fell off the bike near a hotel. Fortunately she recovered with a slight bruise. Along the pathway, there are a few small parks to rest and wander around. We passed rows of neatly manicured lavender bushes. Blueberry is also popular here. We had arrived at the Oishi Natural Living Center.

“….on a clear day you could see Mt Fuji. Sadly, when we arrived, the weather was not on our side as all we could see were angry black clouds” – Navindd

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