These are old photos of my wonderful journey through Tibet in 2006 to fulfill a need to stand before and perform a kora to a holy mountain – Kailash. In a Sumerian text, it is written that there exist a a pyramid shaped mountain with four sides signifying the four points of a compass; four significant river originated from this mountain each moving North,South, East and West respectively (Indus, Karnali, a tributary of the Ganges; Sutlej and Yarlung-sangpo that later becomes the Bramahputra) and adorned by a lake (Mansarovar). Today, with empowerment from mere mortals, Kailash had attained a spiritual status.

As I traveled, the journey blossomed into much more. To witness an old culture, slowly shoved into little pockets. A controlled society yet full of colorful spiritual beliefs and ancient architectures, still marveled by modern society. Above all, the untainted landscapes and astounding clarity. Perhaps, with the inner workings’ of beliefs combined with the vast expanse of land, one cannot help but be swayed towards a spiritualistic experience. Perhaps it is nothing more than being so high, so cold and being so far away, that the mind wanders……….whatever it may be, the journey will change you.



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